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Change Facilitator

Catrine Modig

With her extensive experience in group development across defense, government, and corporate sectors internationally, Catrine brings valuable expertise to organizations and individuals. Certified in Sweden’s premier leadership program UGL (Understanding Groups & Leaders), she fosters developmental leadership, emphasizing shared responsibilities to improve teamwork and communication leading to greater employee satisfaction. As a professional development coach, Catrine empowers teams and individuals through compassionate, clear communication and collaborative growth journeys.

The Aligned Team

 The Aligned Team Program combines traditional leadership with tailored coaching methods to improve teamwork and communication.

The Aligned You

The Aligned You Program combines traditional personal development methods with powerful and unbiased spiritual insights for a holistic experience.

Understanding Groups and Leaders (UGL)

UGL is a long-standing course that offers unique leadership training for individuals aiming to grow as leaders and team members. It gives participants first-hand experience in group dynamics, communication, decision-making, and collaborative problem-solving through an experiential approach.

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