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Unlock Your Team's Potential through The Aligned Team Program:

If you are a forward-thinking leader looking for a personal development program for your employees and your team is ready for a truly transformative journey, the Aligned Team Program is for you. The Aligned Team Program combines traditional leadership with tailored coaching methods to improve teamwork and communication. It is flexible and designed to unlock the unique potential of everyone on your team, creating an inspiring and effective workplace for optimized team performance. In this program, you and your team will be guided to expand your understanding of what it truly means to work as a team.

Program components

Kickstart your team’s growth!

Our Strengths Mapping identifies team skills and collaboration areas, pinpointing performance gaps for enhanced satisfaction. Using the unique and context-based IDI Mapping tool, we can tailor effective coaching and strategic decisions. A true bonus is that most teams find the mapping itself is a great way to learn more about each other, leading to greater cohesion and trust.

IDI – Interpersonal Dynamics Inventory

Context-driven People Development

Elevate team performance!

We carefully review IDI profiles against team roles, both formal and informal, to pinpoint alignment between individual strengths and job requirements. This deep dive empowers teams to optimize performance and collaboration. By aligning roles with strengths and business needs, we craft tailored development strategies to amplify productivity, engagement, and overall team effectiveness. Discover targeted strategies to amplify your team’s productivity and overall satisfaction.

Sharpen your team’s communication!

Learn and practice proven methods for clear communication and feedback. With targeted exercises, you become a more effective communicator and listener, building trust and developmental feedback skills that will boost your team’s confidence. Watch your team move from uncertainty to clarity.

Understanding group development builds effective teams!

Drawing from the extensive research on group development by scholars such as Susan Wheelan, Ph.D. and Will Schutz, Ph.D., our Aligned Team program is structured to help you tailor leadership to your team’s needs in every stage, boosting collaboration and reducing friction.


An Integrative Model of Group Development – IMGD (S. Wheelan)

Fundamental Interpersonal Relation Orientation – FIRO (W. Schutz)

Professional Team Development

The Aligned Team Program is designed to identify and reinforce the core strengths of your team members. When your company’s vision and mission are aligned with the core strengths of your team members, you will have access to your fullest potential, giving you a competitive advantage on multiple levels. In the Aligned Team Program, you and your team will get a detailed map of the core strengths of your team members. This will allow you to assign tasks and responsibilities to the individual who is best suited for the job. Not only will the quality of the work be optimized, but your people will also work on what they do best. 

The Aligned Team program builds engagement and trust and creates a sense of ownership and agency that is crucial for the modern workplace. As a leader, your job will be focused on providing direction and vision, while your team members carry out the work.

You and your team are likely already committed to not only achieving organizational success but also prioritizing the well-being and growth of your employees. The Aligned Team Program further builds the foundation for an authentic and positive work environment, leading to increased employee satisfaction, talent acquisition, and retention.

Experience leadership coaching in a way that meets the needs of you and your team to truly understand how teamwork helps workplace communication and efficiency. By working with a team development coach you get an unbiased understanding of how to take your team performance to the next level.

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