Change Facilitator

Understanding Groups & Leaders (UGL)

UGL is a long-standing course that offers unique leadership training for individuals aiming to grow as leaders and team members. It gives participants first-hand experience in group dynamics, communication, decision-making, and collaborative problem-solving through an experiential approach.

Program components

Developmental Leadership

Different from traditional leadership training, UGL incorporates research and leadership theories into a week full of lived experiences. Participants truly learn by doing and throughout the week, we use guided reflections in the “here and now,” using collaborative tasks to illustrate key concepts. Participants learn to see, understand, and manage differences, accompanied by theoretical insights for a shared conceptual framework, allowing them to articulate experiences and enhance their skills as team members and leaders. Understanding and practicing using developmental feedback for team effectiveness runs as a core feature of the week.

UGL is designed for diverse groups, fostering open reflections. Over 150,000 individuals have benefited from UGL in more than 40 years, and the program is regularly updated to align with the latest research. UGL is proprietary to the Swedish Defence University and all facilitators are certified through their rigorous program.

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